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Thanks for your answers Quentin!

I did the following:

- Remember: The names of my picture files correspond exactly to the artist names in the library. I use gmusicbrowser 1.1.6 (Ubuntu 10.10).

- List the files in my artist picture directory in terminal, and copy the list from terminal to a spreadsheet column.

- List the filenames again without their extension, using:
ls | sed -e 's/\.[a-zA-Z]*$//'
which I got from, and copy the list into the spreadsheet two columns left of the filename column.

- Clean out the list by deleting rows, removing some album names and the many duplicate artist pictures I have (which are listed as picture_1, picture_2...). This took some time for 600 artists...

- insert the path to my picture directory in the vacant middle column and copy the 3 columns to a text editor. A smart search and replace can adjoin the two rightmost columns providing the full path to the file, while leaving the tabulator space between the artist name and the filename.

- search and replace special characters:
á -> %C3%A1
ã -> %C3%A3
ç -> %C3%A7
é -> %C3%A9
ó -> %C3%B3
ú -> %C3%BA

- copy the list into the right place in the [artist] section of the gmbrc, and start gmusicbrowser
(if you need an example of where to insert the list, set the pictures of a few artists, close gmb and check the gmbrc to see both syntax and special character escapes)

::: artist pictures are back and I can go back to relating to a mosaic of the artist pictures when I need some inspiration to figure out what to stick on next ;D

(The whole thing took about two hours including the writing of this post)

Thanks again for GMB!!
I am loving the gmusicbrowser 1.1.6 - it's SimpleSearch widget and automatic album art selection really makes a large music library shine!

I want to ask: Is there a way to make an artist picture be selected automatically?

I have stored all the artist pictures in one folder, where the picture names were generated by the Picture Finder-plugin, and all correspond to the artist names in the library.

Could I edit something in the gmbrc perhaps? Or put the picture files in the artist folders on disk?

Thanks again for a wonderful music collection interface!

Thanks a lot for your answer. I built a deb from the 1.1.6 source and upgraded. Should have done it before - lots of nice new features!

The wait when queue empty feature does exactly what I was thinking of!

Have a great 2011!

best regards.
Dear all,

I am using GMB 1.0.2, and it is the one and only music browser that has all the features you need for a large library, and a pretty yet powerful interface for searching and browsing. Thanks to Quentin and the other devs!!

Is it possible to set default queue and search policies - so that every time GMB starts;

- it will stop playing when the queue is empty


- the search field is set to 'Artist contains'

Thanks for your input.
best regards