Was wondering if there was a way to get WavPack http://www.wavpack.com/ files to be recognised as part of my gmusicbrowser library. Gmusibrower recognises and plays the files but the files aren't added to the library.

Could you explain the problem in more details ? What do you do to make gmb play these files, and how do you try to add them to the library ?
I don't have much experience with these files, but adding a .wv file works for me.

After playing around with this, it seems that tagging with Wavpack is causing gmb's problem in adding it to library. If I open the file from nautilus and select play in gmb then it plays just fine.

I ripped the cd again in flac and the tagging worked perfectly (Using asunder as I did with wavpack) and gmb picked it up instantly. Not sure why there are tagging issues with wavpack but flac works well.