As the title says; Just tried to use this feature to adjust the replaygain of an album and GMB crashes instantly.

Any ideas?

Using GMB / Shimmer PPA on Linux Mint 11 x86

Yes that is sadly a known bug.
It is due to a perl-glib bug, there is a (few months old) patch that mostly fixes this in bugzilla, but, probably because it's not a complete fix, it still hasn't been included in perl-glib.

Forgot to add that as a work around you can to the replaygain analysis with another program. This page gives you a few ways to do it :

Thanks for the replies :)

I normally use EasyMP3Gain for gain analysis but it failed to work for one particular album which led me to try the same through GMB. I tried SoundKonverter as suggested but had no luck.