Hi there,
first thing... I love the program, found it a few months ago and am thinking of moving over full time.

I have one problem though.

I have my collection in FLAC format, each album in its own directory.
Also, inside some directories I have each song transcoded into ogg format (for my music player) - I find it easier to organise everything that way. (Some of them also have mp3 versions)

Obviously, when I add a directory, all the songs appear twice... with both the FLAC and ogg versions.

How can I tell gmb to not read the ogg or mp3 files into the library?
(Other programs sometimes have a preferred file type setting)


It's not possible currently, I'll think about adding this.
In the meantime, you can edit gmusicbrowser.pl (installed as /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser)
edit the line containing "mp3 ogg flac mpc ape wv" in v1.0.x
or mp3|ogg|oga|flac|mpc|ape|wv|m4a|m4b in v1.1.x
(and disable the "do not add songs that can be played" option)

Ye agreed, this would be a very nice feature.