Hi everyone!

Today I've faced the following issue. I exported a track from a CD rip in flac using Audacity, and although I can hear it in Audacity, in GMB the track is played, but no sound in the speakers. In GMB, the entire CD  in flac is played well, but not the exported single flac file.

I also launched GMB from terminal, but no error/warning appears. I don't know what the problem is, other flac files have been exported previously using Audacity, using the same method and everything went as expected.

So the problem is, both files entire cd and single track (exported using Audacity) can be played with sound using Audacity.
The entire disk is played in GMB and I can hear it, but not the exported flac from the entire disk.

Hope you guys, can bring me some clue.


Sorry for not replying sooner, which player are you using (in the audio tab) and did you try another ?
You could send me the single track file by your preferred method, I will take a look.

Evening Quentin,

I was using 123, and as I saw you reply I tried gstreamer. Using gstreamer solved the issue.

Thanks a lot for you help!