Hi. I really like gmusicbrowser which I tried when looking for a better music player than Rhythmbox. Im probably going to stick with it.

Is there a way to skip "The" and "A/An" in band names when sorting by band name (and I guess album too, but it's less important here, at least for me). I'd like to find The Beatles under "B", and to navigate to this by typing "B-E-A..." in the artist pane, not "T-H-E-[ ]B-E-A..."

What's even more difficult is that I have some bands in both places, eg. I have five albums by The Magnetic Fields and one by Magnetic Fields, and these dont show up together so I don't even know there's a problem.

Thank you!

It's not currently possible, though you might want to look at this topic : http://forum.gmusicbrowser.org/index.php?topic=13.msg819#msg819
the patch should still work (assuming you are not still using v1.0.x)

About some albums not having the same artist name, currently you should fix them by choosing one or the other, the patch should make them sort next to each other.