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Questions / Cache album artwork
February 09, 2019, 15:25:15
Is it possible to have the album artwork cache. Currently every time I start the problem and I scroll through my standard view it needs to read each album artwork.
Its been a while and I'm back with a bubble of excitment in my stomach!! Man this program just keeps surprising me with just how feking good it is!!!
Ye agreed, this would be a very nice feature.
Since leaving moving to linux some 3 years ago, one thing has bugged me more than anything oddly was the last of Winamp theme in any of the players. I have looked and looked... But nothing. Until now :D!!!
So yes, I just wanted to say thank you. Finally I can have artists > just their album artwork and sorted by newest to oldest.

Now I will look into how to recognise my media library using this player.