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Hi everybody! I've played around some nights with php and dbus-connection and made a small web frontend to control gmusicbrowser through dbus. It looks something like this:

Quite verbose README for requirements and installation can be found at: If you're interested, I think the easiest way to get this is to clone my gmusicbrowser-plugins repository (or download it as zip) and find folder called web_frontend.

For cloning, run (in console):
git clone

Or click "download zip" from

Installing this frontend is probably not trivial for linux-beginners, but I try to follow this thread at least for a while. And please, read the README  :)
Customization / Plugins by laite
August 14, 2012, 16:25:09
Yeah, I put together a wiki page: for my plugins, and there are also some new versions of them.

Sunshine3 is much simplified version from over-complex sunshine 2.0, still having quite customizable sleep/wake - options.

Albumrandom3 takes heavy use of Sort - widget (no more separate button) and is also much simplified version with reasonable default values.

Feel free to try them out (download from

Customization / Show off!
June 20, 2012, 20:34:33
I'm a bit curious about other people's layouts, so now is your change to boast  ;D

My full-screen layout has been more or less like this for quite a while, and I'm pretty happy about it.

[laite alternative]
Author = "laite"
Name = _"laite alt/"
Default = Window(size=100%x100%)
VolumeScroll = HBControls
VBfirst = 5Filler5 _HPtop
HPtop = VBall NBrit
VBall = VBControls _NBleft
VBControls = HBStatus HBProgress HBControls
HBStatus = 4Filler1 _HBTitle(xalign=.5, yalign=1) -lastfmLoveButton(button=1) -Stars(yalign=0.5)
HBTitle = _Title_by(expand_max=300,ellipsize=end,markup="<b>%t</b> by <b>%a</b> in <i>%l</i> (%y)",tip=_"Title: %t (Track No. %n)",yalign=0.5)
HBControls = Prev Play Next 10Filler7 Vol(button=1) -SimpleSearch(nb=1,group=1) -Filter(button=1) -Sort(button=1) -Sunshine(button=1) \
-Button3(click1="RunPerlCode(::IdleScan)",size=menu,stock=gtk-zoom-in,tip=_"Scan now") -Pref(size=menu) -Queue(button=1)
NBleft = HistoryStats(group=1) VPfilters
NBrit = (tabpos=right270) SongTree1(headclick='select',group=1) SongTree2(group=8)
VPfilters = (tabtitle=_"Filters") _FPane1(nb=2,group=1) VPfilters2
VPfilters2 = HPfilter1 _VPfilters3
VPfilters3 = _FPane4(nb=5,group=1) HBfiltbottom
HBfiltbottom = Total(group=1,relief=none)
HPfilter1 = FPane2(nb=3,group=1) FPane3(nb=4,group=1)
HBProgress = Time(markup=%s,initsize="-XX:XX") _Scale LabelTime(markup='%m ')

Customization / [PLUGIN] History/Stats
May 02, 2012, 06:42:03
WARNING: This plugin does NOT work with current gmusicbrowser release (v1.1.9)! If you wish to use this, you must get latest development version from GIT or wait until next release of gmusicbrowser.

Okay, now that's out of the way I'd like to introduce a new plugin! Basically it shows playhistory and some neat statistics about your library. Plugin relies heavily on new 'playhistory'-field (introduced in development version of gmb), so you must merge existing playcounts to new field if you wish to have statistics from the past, or start 'from the scratch' should you wish so. There is a 'merge fields' - button in the preferences for converting old playcounts to playhistory.

There is no README yet, but I think options should be pretty self-explanatory. Ask me here or in IRC if something's not clear or not working like supposed to.

And as always, this is an initial version, tested only by me, so look out for bugs etc.


Playhistory is shown for tracks and albums

You can have your very own TOP40-list in overview  8)

Statistics can be shown either in 'natural'...

...or '' - style

Download from github:
or from direct link:
Save *.png from 'icons'-folder to your ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/pix to use icons in overview-site.

Customization / [PLUGIN] Sunshine2
February 23, 2012, 17:26:41
As some of you might know, my first plugin to gmb was called Sunshine, an alarm clock, that miraculously seemed to (occasionally) work, even though I had no experience of Perl before coding that. Well, I finally got some time to rewrite the whole thing and make THE alarm clock plugin that I've always wanted.

Some features:
* Alarmschemes to ease up creating and quickly changing from one type of alarm to another
* Multiple alarms at once, so you can set e.g. different settings depending on weekday
* Lots of customization options for people who take fading music seriously ;D
* bright yellow sun as a new layout icon  8)

You can find all necessary items (plugin, readme, icon) here:
Or you can use this direct download and extract contents of folder sunshine/v2.0:

Word of warning: This plugin is quite fresh and might still contain bugs. My sincere plea would be, that if you face anything strange, please tell me and I'll try to fix it!

Hi. About four months ago I made a little script ( for fetching playcounts from It was downright ugly, so I finally got myself up to create a proper plugin for this.



You can check README and download plugin from

Installation happens as usual: copy to ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/plugins (OR for all users: /usr/share/gmusicbrowser/plugins), restart gmusicbrowser and lastfm_pcGet should appear in preferences->plugins.
Customization / [PLUGIN] Weighted albumrandom
June 21, 2011, 19:47:15
'Albumrandom' is a plugin for gmusicbrowser that uses weighted random for playing albums.

You can download plugin and see README (please check it out) at

Hi. I would like to always start (and keep) gmb on viewport (virtual desk?) 2, but for some reason this doesn't work (image included). All the other programs (opera, skype, chromium) respect fixed placement but gmb doesn't. Any ideas how this could be done?

I'm using Ubuntu 11.04 with classic gnome desktop.
Hi. I decided to give Unity a go and everything else seems to be working quite nicely but for some reason I can't switch to gmusicbrowsers window from launcher. As I like to dedicate one virtual desktop completely to gmb this is quite annoying. When I click gmb icon from launcher it kinda 'focuses' but doesn't change to correct virtual desktop (where gmb currently is). Any ideas what could cause this? As I said, all the other applications work normally from launcher.

Edit: If I try to switch inside same virtual desktop from some program to gmb it works as supposed to.
Edit2: I don't know if this has something to do with it, but unity launcher seems to think there is multiple windows open in gmb (two dots on left of icon), while gmb only has main window open.

Edit3: And things start to make sense: Second open window is 'desktop widget', which of course is on every desktop... Disabling that fixes the problem about moving to gmb-window. Is there any way to have 'desktop widget' appear without breaking unitys functioning concerning the main window?
Well, the question is already in title: Could we see selections length in Total-label in the same way than 'filter' shows ("Filter: nn songs, a hours, b minutes")?
Sunshine is deprecated, please use Sunshine2 instead.
Sunshine2 :

'Sunshine' is a plugin for gmusicbrowser. I have only tested it with gmb 1.1.7, so feel free to report any problems.

** How to install:

1) Copy to /usr/share/gmusicbrowser/plugins
2) Copy *.png to /usr/share/gmusicbrowser/pix
3) Restart gmb
4) Enable sunshine from Preferences -> Plugins
** How to use:

Sunshine has two main features: it allows user to listen to music before going to sleep and automatically start playback in the morning.

First section of plugin preferences concerns, as it's title suggests, going to sleep, and second section is for waking up. Options should be pretty self-explanatory (I think).

Third section has info about currently ongoing things - don't be alarmed if nothing changes when you start countdown/alarm, it refreshes only when you exit and re-enter plugins preferences (for example selecting another plugin and returning).

** Advanced

You can put custom buttons to your layout for starting sleep-mode, alarm or both. Possible buttons you can add are named: SunshineSleep, SunshineSleepAlarm and SunshineAlarm, with images 'plugin-sleep.png', 'plugin-sleep-alarm.png' and 'plugin-alarm.png' respectively.


Hope it works, I'm just a beginner at coding... :)

As it says in the title, everytime I try to use context menu 'replaygain analysis -> scan this file' gmb crashes. I tried running from terminal with "gmusicbrowser &>/tmp/output.log" but all that it writes to log is "analysing [6850] /media/mpoint/mp3/CMX/CMX - Aura/10 - Työt Ja Päivät.mp3" (that's the last line in log after crash). In terminal (after crash) it reads just "segmentation fault".
Questions / Can't set icon on multiword label
March 23, 2011, 11:22:50
Hi. I'm not sure if there is some other place for bugs but I guess this will have to do.

So here's my problem shortly: If i create new label which has more than one word (like 'cool song'), I can't set any label icon to it. With one-word labels everything works fine.

And actually, another problem with labels: I made label called 'Hit!' and I can't remove it from context menu. I removed it from label filter by 'remove label' and it disappeared from tracks and filter panel, but still stays in the context menu (when pressing some track) even after rebooting gmb. It's not a big problem, but still... :)

Would it be possible it has something to do with exclamation mark, since all the other unused labels I got removed?
Customization / LaiteGMB (my layout)
March 18, 2011, 12:31:22
Well, without further speak, I remade my layout (which was seen at different topic) fully, improved it a little bit (queue/lyrics in tabs with filters) and now it's here.


edit: Oops, FilterReset - button wasn't working -> Fixed.

If you managed to download this already find from layot file words "ResetFilter \" and change them to "ResetFilter(group=2) \"
Customization / Couple of custom columns/groups
March 17, 2011, 07:18:15
Well, here are some of my self-made columns/groupings. Nothing fancy, and mostly just enchantmens to other people's work.

Included are (for example) "(Artist) - Title & Icon" and "(Artist) - Title & Progress" that work just like originals, but include tracks' artist if Album Artist is set 'Various Artists". "Playing/Progress" shows track length normally, but currently playing is inverted and goes from full to zero as track progresses (I got so used to this with foobar I just can't cope without :P)

Some others too, but as said, mostly small enchantmens I found useful. Screenshot of my layout/columns included.
EDIT: This script is deprecated, due to my plugin 'lastfm_pcGet'.

Topic here:
Hi. Would it be possible to have current date as seconds (since 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC) to use in columns? I'd like to format last_played as "X days/months/years ago" instead of playing date. I know I can get current date with %x but I couldn't figure out a way to use that to calculate time difference from last_played and get it to seconds, which is needed for formattime().
I have modified the "Conz Aishi (with Filter Panes)" to suit my needs and I'm quite happy with it but there's one thing I can't seem to get working:

I have tried to get menubuttons to work with my songtree and some of them (PlayItem, QueueItem) do while others (LSortItem) don't. Also, "Total" doesn't show any songs "listed" or even "selected" no matter what I do.

So could somebody tell me if there's something wrong with my code. Here's the interesting part (I think):

MBlist = LSortItem PlayItem QueueItem
HBSongTree = 3Pref(size=menu) _SimpleSearch 3Sort 3Filter 3Queue 3Pos -Total(size=small) -ResetFilter -MBlist
VBSongTree = HBSongTree _SongTree
VPcenter        = _VBSongTree

And here is the whole layout:


Author = "Satoshi Hayazaki/laite"

Category = gmb-art

Default = Window(size=80%x80%,sticky=0)
VBfirst = 5Filler5 _HPall 2Filler6
HPall = VBall VPpanelyr
VBall = VBControls _HPmain
HBProgress = Prev Play Next 10Filler7 VolumeIcon Time(markup=%s,initsize="-XX:XX") _Scale LabelTime(markup='%m ')
VBControls = HBStatus HBProgress
HBStatus = 4Filler1 HBTitle(xalign=.5, yalign=1) -Stars(yalign=0.5)
HBTitle = Title_by(expand_max=300,minsize=0,markup="<b>%t</b> by <b>%a</b> in <i>%l</i> (%y)",tip=_"Title: %t (Track No. %n)",yalign=0.5)
HPmain          = _HPpart
HPpart = _VPcenter
VPpanelyr = HPFilters NBpart3
HPFilters = FPane0(nb=1,pages=genre, hidebb=1) HPFilter1
HPFilter1 = FPane2(nb=2,pages=album, hidebb=1, rules_hint=1) FPane1(nb=3pages=artist, hidebb=1)
NBpart3 = (tabpos="top") PluginLyrics(shadow=none,HideToolbar=1) QueueList(hideif=empty,songtree=1,cols="albumminipic titleaa length")
MBlist = LSortItem PlayItem QueueItem
HBSongTree = 3Pref(size=menu) _SimpleSearch 3Sort 3Filter 3Queue 3Pos -Total(size=small) -ResetFilter -MBlist
VBSongTree = HBSongTree _SongTree
VPcenter        = _VBSongTree
VolumeScroll = VBControls
Questions / Track order with enqueue
March 06, 2011, 16:30:46
Hi all, I just found this player and really like it. One thing, though: If I select multiple files (let's say all tracks from an single album) and enqueue them with context menu, tracks appear to queue at (seemingly) random order instead the way they are on the original screen (where I selected them). Is this a bug/feature? :)

I can sort the queue itself to make things straight but it would be nice if songs appeared at right order in the first place...