Any plans for implementing coverflow in gmb or something similar?
The closest thing now seems to be full-screen view with "Shimmer Party" style. I could imagine a type of "cover flow" where in this full screen style, as the mouse moves over a small version of the cover, it gets enlarged and sweeps into the center of the screen. Just an idea. That would probably require a lot of programming.

Sorry if this has been brought up before, but a forum search didn't turn up anything about the topic.

I've always more or less planned to add this, but it's not a priority, and seeing how long I take for what I consider 'high priority', it could be a long time until I do it :(
Also I don't have any experience in the kind of library I'll need to use (clutter ?).
If someone wants to do it, simply doing a perl standalone version that works with a few pictures would be enough, I can do the gmb integration easily.

Unfortunately I can't do any programming. I'm just a musician. :-[
But a feature like that would be the icing on the cake!
Great program. I'm impressed by gmb's speed. It handles my diverse collection with aplomb. :D