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I've become a very quick convert to gmusicbrowser on Ubuntu, but there is one tiny little feature that I'd love to see it support, which is the Popularimeter tag (along side its current FMPS_Rating one). I use MediaMonkey on my Windoze box and used to rely on my ratings being stored to the tag for various playlists. I also used to use Banshee and Rhythmbox which also support the POPM tag, [ ] thus my collection was maintained across all the players I used. Sadly, after making the switch, I can't rate a track in MediaMonkey and see the rating in gmusicbrowser or visa-versa.

It would be really nice if, when setting the rating to the current 0-100 Rating system it was possible to multiply that number by 2.55 and save the POPM tag too. (Obviously, this should be optional!)  ;)

P.S. Your FAQ is a little out of date:

"Are labels, ratings, play count ... saved in the mp3/ogg/... tags ?
Not currently..."