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WARNING: This plugin does NOT work with current gmusicbrowser release (v1.1.9)! If you wish to use this, you must get latest development version from GIT or wait until next release of gmusicbrowser.

Okay, now that's out of the way I'd like to introduce a new plugin! Basically it shows playhistory and some neat statistics about your library. Plugin relies heavily on new 'playhistory'-field (introduced in development version of gmb), so you must merge existing playcounts to new field if you wish to have statistics from the past, or start 'from the scratch' should you wish so. There is a 'merge fields' - button in the preferences for converting old playcounts to playhistory.

There is no README yet, but I think options should be pretty self-explanatory. Ask me here or in IRC if something's not clear or not working like supposed to.

And as always, this is an initial version, tested only by me, so look out for bugs etc.


Playhistory is shown for tracks and albums

You can have your very own TOP40-list in overview  8)

Statistics can be shown either in 'natural'...

...or '' - style

Download from github:
or from direct link:
Save *.png from 'icons'-folder to your ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/pix to use icons in overview-site.


Very nice.
Does it work with 1.1.9-1 ?

Quote from: mgrubert on May 02, 2012, 08:02:28
Very nice.
Does it work with 1.1.9-1 ?

I'm not sure what that is but my initial guess would be 'no'. You can check it yourself by opening file /usr/share/gmusicbrowser/ in text editor and searching for 'playhistory'. If you find that, the plugin propably works.

If you're using ochosi's Ubuntu PPA-repository, he has promised to include history/stats - plugin automatically at some point, when possible.


looks cool, love to see new plugins

How does one use it (on a non ubuntu system -arch), do i stick the pm file under ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/plugins? i tried tha tbut didnt work..any ideas?



Quote from: zeltak on May 02, 2012, 12:38:52
How does one use it (on a non ubuntu system -arch), do i stick the pm file under ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/plugins? i tried tha tbut didnt work..any ideas?

Yes, that should work IF you're using latest DEVELOPMENT version. I had a quick look but all the versions in AUR (even gmusicbrowser-git etc.) seemed to be too old to work.

If you're certain you have newest version, and history/stats still doesn't appear in preferences -> plugins, you could start gmusicbrowser from terminal emulator and see if there's some error messages.

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sorry, just noticed the file was corrupt, it works now and its damm awesome!! thx alot for this really neat plugin



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Great plugin laite
Only a litlle problem with Statistics tab

Quote from: lovecraft on May 03, 2012, 12:28:26
Only a litlle problem with Statistics tab

Whoa, that's ... strange  ???

It seems that for some reason my "" (dummy text in title) gets info from translation header... I changed it to 'item', could you please try download plugin again from github and test if it works. Link:

No playhistory in 1.1.9-1.