I often have music playing on my computer while not doing anything else, and then after 10 minutes the GMP settings put it to sleep and the music stops. I can use cafeine to prevent this, but ideally Gmusicbrowser would automatically inhibit suspend whenever music is playing. VLC has a similar functionality.

Don't know if this is easy/difficult/impossible to implement, but I would love to see it if possible.

Thanx for the great app!!

I don't know how to do it, but I'll take a look. Thanks for suggesting this.

There is an option to disable the screensaver while in fullscreen mode (in the misc tab), maybe that's the same thing that is used to prevent suspend. Do VLC, or any other play having this feature also disable the screensaver ? And if so, can you test if, when this option is active, your computer doesn't go to sleep when playing in fullscreen mode ?
If that work, I could easily change the option into a combo box with 3 choices : disable screen-saver/suspend when playing : when fullscreen, always, never.

Sorry, but what was the result of the issue?
I hoped that the suggestion to add a switch has been implemented, but it still seems not to be. Should I go to GitHub issue tracker?

It's easy to add the option to disable the screensaver when playing even if not in fullscreen. Though I would like to be sure it also prevent suspend, as it seems to be the reason to want this option. Could you test it for me ?
(activate "Disable screensaver when fullscreen and playing" and see if it also prevent suspend when fullscreen and playing)