How can I add tabs for filter widgets?

Here is the layout snippet:
HPfp0      = _FPane0(nb=2,hide=0,pages=artist|album|genre|date|label|folder|filesys|lastplay|added|modif|rating) HPfp1
HPfp1      = FPane1(nb=3,hide=0,pages=artist|album|genre|date|label|folder|filesys|lastplay|added|modif|rating) HPfp2
HPfp2      = FPane2(nb=4,hide=0,pages=artist|album|genre|date|label|folder|filesys|lastplay|added|modif|rating)

In v1.1.4, the page list in the layout (pages=artist|album|genre|date|label|folder|filesys|lastplay|added|modif|rating) is the default, and thus ignored after the first use.
Because users can now add/remove tabs by right-clicking on the tabs. (yet another hidden right-click menu)
Note that there is currently a bug, if there is only one page when creating the window, the tab is hidden, making it impossible to add more. I think I'll add a show/hide tabs option in the right-click menu.