The tab in the settings dialog for label creation and manipulation is missing in the latest devel...

I got around it by finding the default labels section in the source code and making the ones I wanted, deleting my settings folder, and letting it create a new one...

Is there an easier way to create labels?  And developers, will the label settings tab be making a comeback in the near future?


The removal of the labels tab is intentional, it is not needed to create new labels, you can just type in a new label in the song properties dialog. (the widget to edit this is not very intuitive, just type a name in the entry and press enter).

You can remove a label or set an icon via the right-click menu on the label list (FPane widget). Though it is not optimal, as you need to have at least one song with a label to set the icon, or to remove one of the default labels.
(the "default labels" are the ones that don't disappear automatically when no song is using it, you can't currently add labels to it.)

So I will probably reintroduce the label tab functionality in the label field options in the future "fields" tab.

Also a less drastic way than editing the source and wiping your preference folder, was to simply edit your gmbrc file :)

in regards to editing the gmbrc file, what's the character encoding used?

gmbrc use utf8, though there are still some null characters that are used in some places and that might displease some editors, they will disappear in the future.

awesome, thanks!

and thanks for the speedy and thorough replies!