I had a problem with a duplicate album in 1.1.7 (xubuntu),  in my case 16 Lovers Lane.   After a bit of scanning I found the song list in .config/gmusicbowser/gmbrc.

What I found was that the album_artist_raw was blank but the artist was populated on one of the songs on the album.   Once I inserted the artist raw all was well.
6463   1319765179   16 Lovers Lane      The Go-Betweens 192...
6463   1319765179   16 Lovers Lane    The Go-Betweens   The Go-Betweens   192...

I also notice the filter was as follows

  - !Filter  "album:~:16 Lovers Lane\x00album_artist=The Go-Betweens\x1d"
  - !Filter  "album:~:16 Lovers Lane\x00\x1d"

Which indicated what to look for.


Yes, sorry about that, that is a known bug/mis-feature, an album which has an album_artist for some of its songs, and no album_artist for others will be split into 2 albums.
Currently to put them back together you can simply edit the album_artist tag to make it the same for all of the songs (select the songs->song_properties->fill in the album_artist).