November 02, 2011, 15:05:53 Last Edit: November 02, 2011, 15:12:34 by ahaw
I would like to have an option to edit tags of songs in playlist(by clicking on title or artist), like for example mediamonkey or clementine  has. If it is not clear I can make screenshots.

Right-click on title -> properties -> genre

I think he means being able to edit it directly in the songlist/songtree, by clicking on it when it's selected I guess. Some people would also like to change the rating by just clicking on the stars in the columns.
I'm not very fond of this personally, I think it makes it too easy to edit them without wanting to. I guess I'll implement it (with a setting to turn it on/off) but it's a low priority.

btw, in case you've missed it, you don't need to open a dialog for each title you want to modify, you can just select the one you want to edit and edit them in the mass-tagging dialog, it works with any field.

I know that it is sth like mass-tagging dialog and I'm often using it but if I have to change all titles in a few albums it is not very comfortable.

Adding option to disable this is win-win for persons like me who would like to edit and for persons who are afraid of accidentally change (which never happend to me).

I'm with ahaw on this one, it would greatly help me, specially when you just want to fix a typo or something, having to right click and open another window is a bit too expensive, imo.

You could implement other songtree customization options that have been discussed before and add a new "Songtree" category in the settings dialog.

Have u tried attaching a shortcut key to "Edit Current Song Properties"? Dialog opens with keypress, edit field, return key, Thats it! Not as short as ur suggestion but still quite quick.