I'de like to put a button to go to the next album (using the NextAlbum command)

Does anybody already have such a button in a layout?

Is it possible to post the code here?

Thank you in advance

This player is really astonishing and give a lot of new possibilities..

You can simply use Next1(activate=NextAlbum)
(the 1 is to use a different name than an normal Next widget that your layout might be using, all widgets in a layout must have  distinct names)
of course, changing the icon would be nice, you can do that by putting the icon in ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/icons/gmb-nextalbum.png (or .svg) and using :

To create a layout with one, simply copy an existing layout, and add it, for example after a "Next" :
HBButtons1   = Prev Stop Play Next
HBButtons1   = Prev Stop Play Next Next1(activate=NextAlbum,stock=gmb-nextalbum)

you can also change the Next widget to do NextAlbum when clicked with the middle button (=2) with :

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nice idea of adding that functionality to the Next button, immediately got implemented in my layout :)

ps: is there something like "PrevAlbum" too?

Quote from: ochosi on May 09, 2010, 01:19:16
ps: is there something like "PrevAlbum" too?
not currently, it could be done