it sounds /so/ good!

wow, man. sorry-- i've been meaning to register in this forum since-- i dunno, Nov 09 or so, but whatever always distracting me. point being, i admit my exclamation is perhaps a little contrived by now, but i am nonetheless impressed.

i do not understand how, using the same hardware, and mostly the same software (if i understand correctly [i.e. gstreamer, etc.]), how this app can possibly reproduce music in such a superior way.

awesome. i wish i could use it on Win. not that i need win now, w/ all this .net crap messin e'ything up-- but-- should i use Win, it would be nice. ;-)

I'm glad you like it, but I haven't done anything to the sound quality, I let gstreamer/mplayer/others handle this.

About windows, there is just 3 problems :
- playing, it may work with gstreamer, provided you manage to install gstreamer and its perl bindings.
- internet connection doesn't work (for and picture finder)
- there is some slash / anti-slash bugs to fix
(and of course it needs perl, gtk+ and perl-gtk to be installed)

you could use some virtualization software to emulate linux(vmware, virtualbox) and connect to it through ssh (with x11 forwarding) with an xming server (x server for windows). you should be able to listen to music without using much resources.

I have to respond to this as well...

I use a lot of players to help write Conky scripts for them... and any player that is based on Python or Perl, on mys system sounds 100 times better than any other player..

I have never been able to pinpoint it as to why, it just does...

GMB, Exaile, Pogo, Quod Libet  all sound so much richer and louder.. and the common denominator is perl or python