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Questions / Re: It's alive!
December 15, 2020, 14:20:32
I'm new and excited just by seeing what is here already, so you guys must be SUPERexcited to see GMB being revived!
Questions / Re: GMusicBrowser and WAV files
December 15, 2020, 14:18:17
Hi there,

[Well aware this thread is old, I'd like to revive it]

Recently I decided to move away from Windows, using a device with Debian OS now. I am both new to Debian and GMB :waves hands:

A friend pointed me towards GMusicBrowser as the best alternative to some of the default players none of them meeting my expectations.

Coming from Windows I was used to having full library support OS Foobar 2000 in all formats.
Yesterday I discovered that although GMB is a very nice program for audio playback usage, a lot (!) of my files in bitperfect .WAV format are not recognized. That's a huge bummer for an otherwise great application.

Downloaded WavPack however did not change that.

Apparently GMB has been sort of revived #awesome# and just what I need. So based on the 10 year old request back then, I would like to second that request again:

Could you please add .WAV support to GMB?

Thank you very much for your considerations