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I made an attempt to integrate gmusicbrowser into conky-1.8.0 with lower resources than others I know of.

I patched and compiled conky 1.5.1 like described in the wiki but excluded all other features. So I followed the steps excepting the './configure ...' line.Thus I typed in:
./configure --disable-mpd --disable-portmon --disable-rpath --enable-gmb --disable-hddtemp --disable-xft --disable-xdamage --disable-x11 --disable-double-buffer --disable-own-window
and compiled it. After that I threw away everything but ./src/conky and moved it to /opt/bin/conky_gmb.

Now I can invoke stuff from gmb with:
${exec /opt/bin/conky_gmb --text='$gmb_STRING' -c /home/mieze/.conkyrc.blank}
where 'STRING' is replaced with 'title', 'album', 'artist', 'length' or 'elapsed' and the '.conkyrc.blank' file contains:
update_interval 0.01
out_to_console yes
total_run_times 1

Further I tinkered and attached a script, to get a nice progress bar.

So, have fun.

And here is after some bit-crunching the first update of the script. Needs concalc though, because expr doesn't want to do what I want!

Also I need some help with the 'Now playing' plugin: Why won't
echo %t\n%a\n%l\n%y\n%d\n%n\n%f\n%c > ~/.gmusicbrowser/nowplaying
work? I'd really like to process all that stuff in conky.