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Questions / Filter by 'no rating given'?
August 16, 2018, 11:50:30

is there a way to define a filter for those songs that have either a high rating (>50) or have no rating set? so I could rate those songs low (<50) that I don't want to hear.


I'm trying to use the 'Search for picture on internet' and 'Set picture' features to update missing cover pictures.
I realized that 'Set picture' will just move the picture into a cover.jpg file into the directory.

I much prefer having the cover picture added to the mp3 file itself as part of the tag, so I used an outside tool to move the cover.jpg data into the mp3 file and remove the separate cover.jpg.

now, gmusicbrowser seem to be in an inconsistent state, where it's not displaying the picture at all for this album.

In the 'Set picture' dialog, it shows the included picture, but in the Left Pane it's missing.
I tried 'Re-read tags' as well as 'Options / show pictures', but this all doesn't seem to make a change.

Then I also tried to remove the whole album from the library and restart gmusicbrowser to clean it from the db - and then add and restart again. but this doesn't make a difference. It's still not displaying the pictures.

so I'm lost... how can I get gmusicbrowser to display my pictures for that album?
what's the best way for adding pictures later on, if I want them inside the mp3 tags? I guess I shouldn't touch gmusicbrowser's 'Set picture' functionality to avoid such data inconistencies.



I have an enhancement request for the 'Now playing' plugin.
Today there are the 'Command when playing song changed' and the 'Command when stopped'.

I'd like to act on the music being paused and therefore would like to see an option to configure a 'Command when paused' in that plugin as well. When switching from paused back into playing, I would expect the 'Command when playing song changed' being called again (the same way it's called today from stopped into playing, even if the song is not changed).