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Hello Quentin,

I am using the elementary icon set and the trayicon is somehow too dark.
Here is a screenshot:
I am using the xfce4-panel 4.6.4.

Thank you ,

hey vlad,
as the author of that theme i can tell you that there are two variants of the trayicon in the theme-folder (one bright, one dark). i just very recently decided to switch to the dark one by default.
either just rename the bright trayicon to be used (in /usr/share/gmusicbrowser/pix/elementary) or put the icon you prefer in /home/$USER/.config/gmusicbrowser/icons/ (create the folder if non-existent). icons in that folder override the icons of the theme you set in gmusicbrowser.


thanks for your reply.
I moved the elementary iconset to the .config/gmb/icons folder, but no change.
I also renamed/removed the trayicon.png file - now trayicon.png and trayicon_dark.png are the same file.
However, no change. Any other suggestions?

no need to move the whole icon set, just put the trayicon you want in ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/icons/trayicon.png, it should work.

Thanks Quentin and ochosi.

Putting only a trayicon file into config/gmb did the trick.
However, there is still a black frame around the icon:
This occurs with every icon set.

i assume you're using gnome, so here's how you get the transparency to work there: edit the file /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser with an editor of your choice (and superuser rights) and uncomment line 6467. that's all.

i guess as soon as xubuntu 11.04 is released next april i'll have this behaviour by default because the tray-transparency will then work the same way for xfce and gnome-panel.

as quentin pointed out to me very correctly you didn't say what version you're using (i assumed you were using the version from my shimmer-ppa, which has that issue).

so, go ahead and look for this line in /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser
#Layout::Window::make_transparent($TrayIcon) if $CairoOK;

and remove the leading hash.

You're right, sorry. I am using the recent/last git version (20101207) on ArchLinux.
I had a look and this line is uncommented in the git version I'm using.

I just took a look, I don't think that's the right line for the latest git version. Maybe 6528?

BTW I'm using tint2 for my systray and I've got the black background also.

@robber: i know the absolute line number i gave in my previous reply is useless, that's why i reposted the line directly.
about tint2: you can try un/commenting that line, for "older" panels like xfce <=4.6 and lxde's panel this line breaks the trayicon transparency, in gnome and xfce >4.7 it's the opposite.

at least that's the point we reached when we last discussed this topic on the forum.

Thanks ochosi.

Commenting the line you mentioned earlier did the trick.

I didn't notice you posted the actual line ochosi :)

I actually didn't have to comment that line, I put the light colored tray icon in my ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/icons/ folder and transparency worked.

(with the current GIT version / v1.1.6)

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This issue is still not solved.
I am using now xfce4-panel version 4.8.0 and the icon still does not show properly.
I had to comment the line mentioned above again and and add the trayicon i want to ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/icons,
else no icon is displayed. I am using today's git version (20110128 - commit b4e3817fb2860674c16fc3b1bb64f3d45260ce35).

Thanks in advance.