Good afternoon everybody,

Is there an option to add a few buttons in my layout.
I use Make it look like Exaile.
I want a button to make fullscreen with albumart.
And to scan and check or control the library.

Thanks again :)


I suggest you take a look at the code of the "Shimmer Desktop" layout, as it contains both those buttons.

Thanks ochosi for your help.
Only i don't understand how that works with the code. What the code is, how to put it and where.
Maybe you can help me a little more.

Thanks  :)

Don't have much time now, but have you taken a look at the layout docs?

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I already found out a few things to change.
Only the 2 orignal buttons are nice and sharp. These are the buttons : sort and resetfilter.
The 3 i added are working but not sharp.
Can somebody help me with that?
HBToolbar =   Sort(button=1,relief=none,minwidth=28) \
                    ResetFilter(button=1,relief=none,minwidth=28) \
                    Fullscreen(button=1,relief=none,minwidth=28) \
                    Button1(click1="RunPerlCode(::IdleScan)",stock=gtk-zoom-in,tip=_"scan now"), \
                    Button2(click1="RunPerlCode(::IdleCheck)",stock=gtk-refresh,tip=_"check now")

So button Fullscreen, scan now and check now are not nice.

Thanks  ;)

The current icon system in gmb is not very good, in particular it can't use multiple file for multiple sizes, only one file for all sizes.
Though I don't really see any differences in your screenshot, the icons come from the gtk theme or gmb theme, you can replace them by putting files in ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/icons/
The file names should be gtk-fullscreen.png gtk-zoom-in.png and gtk-refresh.png

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Thanks....i get it  :)
This is what i made.