Hi Quentin,

I have some problems with gmb and Gnome Shell.

I have "Window List" extension activate.
I launch GMB -> GMB is on the Window List (OK)
I reduce GMB -> GMB is on the Window List (OK)
I reduce to systray GMB -> GMB isn't on the Window List (OK)
I clic to maximize GMB from the systray -> GMB is maximized but not in Window List

Other problem :
GMB doesn't appear in Media Menu with Media player indicator extension or  MPRIS Player Control extension, unlike Rhythmbox, Clementine or Banshee.
The only Media Menu working with GMB is Music Integration extension

I have open a bug in Window List launchpad (here and here) but may be the problem is in GMB.


Up au cas où tu n'aurais pas vu.

Yes I saw your post, sorry I didn't reply.
I haven't tested gnome shell yet, as I don't like it (haven't tested it but I know it is inferior to my good old 2d pager)
As you said it may be bugs in gnome-shell, so I'm not too eager to test it

Can't stand it either but I do have a partition with it loaded if anyone needs testing help, just offering

I close to sure that it's a small incompatibility with Gnome Shell : the problem occurs on Gnome Shell and Cinnamon (a GS fork) but not in Gnome 3 (Gnome Classic Session <=> Gnome fallback <=> Gnome without Gnome Shell).

But in Gnome Classic there is another bug : each click on gmb launcher load another window instead of switch to the opened gmb window.

PS : I'm now on debian testing with Gnome Classic / Shell