Is there a way to use the right click functions (the same menu system) that are in the in different parts of gmb?

When in Context/Artistinfo/Similar  I can right click on any of these similar artists and get a totally different menu system including Lookup in AMG

I was wondering if this menu is an action or function item that can be used in different parts of gmb?


in fact if you activate the plugin you get this menu ("search on the web") on any artist of your library as a submenu.

see the screenshot for the submenu in action.

Right, but I was wondering if it was possible to get the same menu from within SongTree, SongList or QueueLists


that would make it a song-specific context-menu, guess that shouldn't be part of the plugin.

the problem with clicking on a song and having the artist-context-menu is the question whether you should show the artist- or the album- or the song-context menu? i guess the expected behavior is a song-related context-menu rather than an artist- or album related one.


It was just a curiosity..