June 03, 2010, 17:32:35 Last Edit: June 10, 2010, 00:49:33 by goodhuntin
I've modified my amarok2-like layout,make it tidier,and no more scrambled font,hope you like it.
Here is a screenshot.


Type = G
Title = Playing %S by %a from %l
Default = Window pos=232x42,size=815x517 HPPanes1 577_234 HPPanes0 228_349 LabelTime remaining= VPPanes0 340_101 SongList follow=1,cw_artist=200,cw_date=40,cols=playandqueue_track_titleorfile,cw_titleorfile=174,cw_pic=39,cw_ufile=400,cw_length=87,cw_titleaa=200,cw_picinfo=143,cw_rating=80,sort=1_12_13_0,cw_playandqueue=17,cw_track=20,cw_=200,cw_playcount=100,cw_title=215,cw_lastplay=100 FPane0 page=album,hidebb=1,albummpsize=64,min=1,albumsort=alpha,albuminfo=1,albumpsize=32,pages=album

HPPanes1 = _HPPanes0 _VBcon2
HPPanes0 = _VBcon0 _VBcon1
VPPanes0    = _Cover _AABox(aa=artist)

VBcon0 = HBButtons1 HBButtons0 _FPane0(searchbox=1,nb=1,pages=album,hide=1)
VBcon1      = HBTitle HBAA _VPPanes0
VBcon2      = HBIndic HBTime Pos(xalign=0.5) Stars _SongTree
VSize0 = Play Playlist ResetFilter PlayFilter HBTitle HBAA
HSize0 = 4 Filler1 Filler2

HBButtons1 = Fullscreen BContext(toggle=1) OpenQueue(toggle=1) Playlist(toggle=1) Pref Quit
HBButtons0 = Prev Stop Play Next Choose ChooseRandAlbum
HBIndic      = ResetFilter Sort Filler2 4Filter 4Queue 4Vol _VolSlider(1,1)
HBTime      = PlayFilter _Scale
HBTitle = _Title -Label1(markup=%m) -Label2(text=/) -LabelTime(xalign=1)
HBAA = _Artist Filler1 _Album


#1 June 03, 2010, 22:00:20 Last Edit: June 03, 2010, 22:02:48 by Quentin Sculo
nice, I'll probably include it (and/or your other one) when I revisit the default layouts for the next stable version.

About the scrambled fonts, I saw your comment on the wiki page a few days ago (or was it someone else ?), sorry I haven't replied to it yet.
I fixed it in git some time ago, both in the v1.0.x branch and on the master branch (v1.1.x). Though I don't think there will be a v1.0.3 version with the fix.