April 30, 2010, 05:41:10 Last Edit: April 30, 2010, 11:52:25 by mieze
I made an attempt to integrate gmusicbrowser into conky-1.8.0 with lower resources than others I know of.

I patched and compiled conky 1.5.1 like described in the wiki but excluded all other features. So I followed the steps excepting the './configure ...' line.Thus I typed in:
./configure --disable-mpd --disable-portmon --disable-rpath --enable-gmb --disable-hddtemp --disable-xft --disable-xdamage --disable-x11 --disable-double-buffer --disable-own-window
and compiled it. After that I threw away everything but ./src/conky and moved it to /opt/bin/conky_gmb.

Now I can invoke stuff from gmb with:
${exec /opt/bin/conky_gmb --text='$gmb_STRING' -c /home/mieze/.conkyrc.blank}
where 'STRING' is replaced with 'title', 'album', 'artist', 'length' or 'elapsed' and the '.conkyrc.blank' file contains:
update_interval 0.01
out_to_console yes
total_run_times 1

Further I tinkered and attached a script, to get a nice progress bar.

So, have fun.

And here is after some bit-crunching the first update of the script. Needs concalc though, because expr doesn't want to do what I want!

Also I need some help with the 'Now playing' plugin: Why won't
echo %t\n%a\n%l\n%y\n%d\n%n\n%f\n%c > ~/.gmusicbrowser/nowplaying
work? I'd really like to process all that stuff in conky.

What gmb version are you running ?
You might be interested in the new "desktop widgets" plugin in v1.1.5, that allows you to create layouts that will be displayed on the desktop.

About the nowplaying plugin, redirections do not work as it's not run through the shell. The needed quoting of arguments make things complicated.
I'm thinking about adding a way to create a file directly rather than through a command, and also a way to copy the album picture to a specific file.
What you can do currently, is use a simple script in place of echo, that will write its arguments to a file.