I am working on a theme for GMB to work on PinePhone Mobian. So far it's working pretty well, but double-clicking doesn't work well on a touchscreen device. Mobian will probably create a universal fix, at some point, but for now, is there a way to set it so the track activates on single-click, not double?

The problem with that is you need to be able to select the row without activating it.
Are you using the gtk3 version (still in beta) ? It might handle touchscreen better.
Also are you using the SongList or the SongTree, the SongList use the standard TreeView gtk widget so it might work better (though it is a bit slow with lots of songs in the gtk3 version).

Hi Quentin, I am usiong the gtk3 version. I see what you're saying about being able to select tracks. So I have buttons I use to set the current result list as the playlist, or to queue the results. I use these buttons to play or queue search results and filter results.

These are the buttons I haven't been able to figure out: 'Play selected track(s) now (but don't alter the playlist)', 'Queue selected track(s)', 'Add selected track(s) to the bottom of the playlist', 'Add selected tracks to the next position in the playlist'.

I know there are commands for these based on your activation mouse key, but if I could create buttons, or menu items, that activated selected tracks, then double-click would be a non-issue.

To be clear, I'm looking to activate only the selected track, or tracks, in my list of search or filter results, and not the entire list. I would also like to know how to create buttons to add the entire result set to the bottom of the playlist, or to the next position in the playlist.