I just noticed today that I seldomly visit the last.fm page, but they show a list of possibly interesting concerts in my surroundings (last.fm/events)...

So my question:

Would someone like to make a plugin (or an addition to the existing last.fm plugin), to show these events in a tab or somehow to easily find out if there are any nice concerts in the near future?

Greetings, staubi

That capability is already there... It is in the tab Events in artistinfo 

True, but the artistinfo plugin shows the information based on the currently playing artist, not on your current location.

This is definitely do-able, but I'd put it in a separate plugin. If you want to work on it, simply fork the artistinfo-plugin, drop everything but the events-tab and change the calls to get the events near your location. As far as I know that should be easy (but you need authentication, so you'd need to copy that over from the last-fm plugin).

I just checked both plugin and it would take me at least a day to understand enough to combine those two in the proper way ???

Maybe someone with a bit more knowledge of the stuff could have a look? Guess it can be done it half an hour if one knows what to do...

But thanks for Your considerings so far!

There is of course the solution of opening the web page in a tab, with the current git version, the webcontext plugin can open a link in a new tab with middle click, that tab is saved (though I'm not sure if it stays logged in last.fm, can't test it now). So it may be a good alternative. Of course using the webcontext plugin requires the webkit perl bindings that is not currently packaged many distributions.