Is it possible to have the album artwork cache. Currently every time I start the problem and I scroll through my standard view it needs to read each album artwork.

GMB is caching album artwork for me. I did not have to do anything to achieve this.

MountainX, are you sure it's caching? I have never found a caching function for GMB, and like hutber, it always has to read right from the  disk.

This used to be fine, because I have an SSD. However, I have found that the new GMB, which uses GTK3, takes noticeably longer to load album art. Also, if I'm reading files from an external drive or SD card, it is very slow.

Now, GMB will cache artwork in the session. So if I go to a filter with a bunch of albums, they might take a while to load in, but then when I go back to that filter, those images are still in RAM so they load instantly. But it would be cool if everything would load instantly, between sessions.

I'll check further. So far I have never noticed any delay in the artwork loading (between sessions).

(sorry for rarely coming around)
- for gtk3 version, slow loading of embedded pictures was a known bug. I fixed it a bit after the beta release thanks to Glib::Object::Introspection 0.049, but you need to use the git version AND have Glib::Object::Introspection >= 0.049.
- there is currently no caching of pictures on disk, in part because I rarely use a fixed picture size in gmb, even in mosaic there is a number of optional sizes, and I often thought about adding a custom size option in the submenu. So the caching would only be really useful for overly large pictures, or if the original is on a slow disk/network.

HI Quentin, are you saying I need to go to Github and compile from source, in order to speed up the display of cover art?

I would love a "fix" for this, as odd as it might sound. Its mildly annoying and something I feel every time I reboot the machine.