the subject of this thread already says it: i'd like to suggest something like a gmusicbrowser-icons package (or even a simple tarball could be ok as a start). this would make it easier to make more community icon themes available while keeping the gmusicbrowser package itself slim.

the second thing i wanted to mention is doing a page similar to the themes page of claws-mail to get a quick overview of the themes (meaning: standardized screenshots/previews).

i'd like to have some feedback on both ideas, if you think this is a good idea we could start to implement it in the wiki (or even in the static html-version if quentin approves).

Is there anything new on this? I'd like to make an Arch Linux PKGBUILD for additional GMB icon themes but currently only the Faenza theme is not included into the main GMB package. I'd suggest either including it into the main tree or separating all the themes into an individual package, the current state is somewhat unsystematic. :)

I might add the Faenza theme, or else you could include it in an "extra" package that also contains extra layouts, I will add a number of layouts, but not those that require background pictures and things like that, those would fit better in an "extra" package.

I think, adding Faenza to the main package is the better solution, a package with just one additional icon theme and some additional layouts is somewhat mixed up. If too many new icon themes appear to include all of them into the main package, one can still move all of them to an extra icon theme package.

Hello guys,

has any progress been made on this? I had some free time and have created a Faenza Dark theme based on the Faenza theme  from shimmerproject and also edited the Faenza theme a bit by adding the rating star icons and other small changes. You can have a look here: and find the theme here: I'd be glad if it can be included into gmusicbrowser or shimmerproject. In the latter case I would create a PKGBUILD for the Faenza theme finally. :) Btw, if anything needs to be changed, please tell me so.


Hey Photon,
sorry for the late reply. Seeing that you put some effort into a variant of the icon-theme and talking to Quentin about the inclusion of Faenza by default made me clean up the icon theme a bit and create a few missing icons.
It should now be complete (in the shimmer github repo), so please pull it and let me know what you think.

I think the two variants should be consistent in the icons they use, so we should harmonize them in some aspects. There also shouldn't be any duplicates, so if you wanna keep the queue icons in from the elementary-icon-theme they'd have to become symlinks. gtk-preferences_20 can be dropped, I used to use that specifically in a layout of mine, but I later realized that customizations like this don't really make that much sense.

I took a quick look into Faenza-darkest today and there a few icons that I'd replace with the versions from upstream, simply because it's more consistent with the rest of the desktop then. (E.g. view-list-compact, view-list-icons, view-list-details)

So the good news is that the icons will get included, but we have to finalize them first!

Hi, thanks for the reply. Nice that Faenza finally gets included!

I pulled the updated version and I find the changes quite good. One question: Why are the star icons missing the half-valued numbers?

I'm trying to get the dark version more consistent. Following icons are currently missing in the dark version: gmb-filter, gmb-library and gmb-random. Did you create them on your own or it's just me being unable to find them?

I didn't use symlinks to Faenza in the dark variant, since I wasn't sure about the inclusion of Faenza into the package and wanted to be able to make two independent Arch packages for both variants, in the case that it cannot be included. Now since it will be included, I will use symlinks to Faenza in the dark version if some icons are identical in both variants.


I didn't add the half-valued stars because I was lazy mostly :)
The way the rating system works, it just gets more/less accurate with the number of stars an icon-theme holds. So it's not a real problem, just not ideal maybe.

The three icons you mentioned were created by me, they're not part of the original Faenza icon-theme.

Do you have a github account? If so, I'd say I'll give you access to the shimmer repo of gmusicbrowser, then we can host the icons there for the time being. As soon as they're release-ready, it'll be easy for Quentin to pull them from there.

QuoteI didn't add the half-valued stars because I was lazy mostly :)

I see.  :D I'm not using the rating stuff at all, so I have no feeling about the half stars being useful, but I can well imagine that one doesn't really use such an accurate rating.

I will then try to patch together dark versions of those three icons.

I have a github account, but I only used it for reporting and commenting some bugs so far, so I'm not in the picture yet concerning using git/github. Here's my account: .

Hey, you should have push-rights for the repository now. I'd suggest you make yourself familiar with basic git and then push your icons there!

Sorry for the dumb question, but I have following problem:

[photon@photon-desktop gmusicbrowser]$ git remote add origin [email protected]:shimmerproject/gmusicbrowser.git
fatal: remote origin already exists.
[photon@photon-desktop gmusicbrowser]$ git push origin master
fatal: remote error:
  You can't push to git://
  Use [email protected]:shimmerproject/gmusicbrowser.git

Shall I use some other name rather than "origin" or is there anything else I do wrong?

Make it easy on yourself and pull the git repo to a clean folder like this:
"git clone [email protected]:shimmerproject/gmusicbrowser.git"

This is already the ssh access, so you should be able to push into this repo as well then. (git add, git commit and git push are your friends)

Thanks, seems to have worked now. I will let you know, when the three missing icons are done, but it can take some time, since I'm not that good in Gimp.

I have realized that my Gimp skills are almost non-existent, so if you feel like completing the dark theme (three icons missing: gmb-filter, gmb-library and gmb-random), please feel free to do so. :)

OK, I'll see when I get to drawing up those three.
For now I uploaded a new version to the shimmer-PPA which includes your icon-theme.