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Is anyone noticing display problems running Ubuntu 22.04 with Wayland? After upgrading from 20.04 using X-server, 22.04 using Wayland prevents me from using the "Screenlet" widget or any other widget on GMB Wayland is the default compositor for Intel and AMD video on 22.04.

The specific issue: when I activate a GMB widget, I can't move it or resize it at all. It remains locked to an arbitrary position on the monitor and refuses all settings to move in the X and Y coordinates or to change size or fonts. I'm running on an Intel NUC "Skull Canyon" mini pc, so the video is fixed to "Intel". Rebooting to the X-Server version of 22.04 corrects the problem.

GMB hasn't been updated since 2020 so I don't know if the issue is primarily due to Wayland compositor or GMB being out of spec for 22.04. I'm also noticing similar problems with "Cairo-Dock" and a few other applications which worked fine under Ubuntu 20.04 but not 22.04. 
Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS. I've got the following problems using the "Screenlet" widget in GMB 1.1.99 Beta:

1. Transport buttons do not always display on mouse over. They work once on an initial mouse over and then on next mouse over they don't appear. After waiting a long time, (doing something else on computer) they will reappear on mouse over.

2. Intermittently, when restarting GMB, the size of the Screenlet widget will automatically enlarge itself even though the settings for the Screenlet widget image size have not changed. Attempting to change the settings from within GMB won't work to restore the correct size. The only way I found to correct this is to delete the current "GMB" config file and rename the previous days "GMBxxxxx.bak" file to "GMB". Restarting GMB then restores the Screenlet widget to the correct size.

3. Very long song titles are not well centered. a long song title is cut off on the left side. Mousing over the song title fails to slide the long title so that you can see it all, particularly the beginning left side (as it did in previous versions).

4. Forgot to add. Left clicking on "Screenlet" to pop up track list and then selecting a specific track to play, also doesn't work. In earlier versions of GMB this worked.

I hope a newer, improved version of the GTK3 version appears soon.
Ubuntu 20.04LTS. GMB 1.1.99 Beta Deb.

After creating a filter, if you later right click on the filter's name and select "Edit Filter" nothing happens.  The filter dialog box does not open and there is no way to edit the filter. :(
Gmusicbrowser deb and Git master versions under Ubuntu 20.04LTS.

Desktop Widget "Screenlet" has issues: 1. Mouse-over does not pop up transport buttons. 2. Size adjustment buttons don't work properly and aren't labeled "horz" and "vertical". The "vertical" or second box for size adjustment doesn't work at all as far as I can tell. 3. All of the other widgets, including ones I created under prior version of GMusicbrowser have identical problems. I had to delete gmbrc file and start from scratch to recover after Screenlet widget froze at an overly large size which I never set and could not resize correctly.

Glad to see development has started again. :)

To my surprise, after going through all the suggestions here, I found no one has asked for proper vu meters as found in the now defunct Guayadeque player, nor a decent and properly labeled spectrum analyzer with a db scale and scalable octave frequency notations (as can be found in Foobar 2000).

When attempting to install RC 1.1.9 over  RC 1.1.8 in Ubuntu 11.10 64bit, I get an error that it will break the existing installation of GMB. I've attached a screenshot of the error.

Is it safe to attempt the upgrade or will it destroy 1.1.8 and all of the current settings I have?

Gmusicbrowser 1.1.8 RC. Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit (Gnome Shell & Unity)

Question 1: when changing the default text font size, the entire widget gets proportionately larger or smaller (including the cover art), but the number of characters in the Title, Artist & Album fields does not increase or decrease. The number of characters remains constant regardless of the font size chosen. For example, I would expect that reducing the font size from say Sans 13 to Sans 10 would result in more characters fitting on each line, but that's not the case. Is there a reason for the behavior?

Question 2: Is there a way to keep the cover size from changing when altering the default text font size?

Question 3: What is the purpose of the "Minimum Size" option which is set at 1 x 1. It seems to increment in steps of 10: 1,11, 21, 31, 41, but nothing changes in the desktop widget?

Thanks. Happy New Year.
(1) I just finished a new, clean installation of Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit, and installed gmusicbrowser 1.1.7 from the repositories. In "settings" I checked "Desktop Widgets" and added the "Buttons, Song & Cover" widget. Using the slider bars I moved it to the lower right area of my screen and closed the widget adjustments window. I then realized I needed to move the widget a little lower, but I can't nor can I get back to the slider adjustment window. The documentation page and wiki don't provide any help. Going back to "Settings > Desktop Widgets" only allows me to ADD another widget, there is no button to ADJUST the widget I already have on the screen. If I uncheck "Desktop Widgets" the widget disappears, but it's not really gone, since adding the check back to "Desktop Widgets" just returns the widget to where it was. Right clicking on the widget itself brings up no editing menu to adjust the position or allow me to move it around by holding down the right mouse button. I can add another widget of the same kind, but I can't move or delete the existing widget. Also, left clicking on the white triangle in the lower right corner of the widget and trying to move it just blows the entire widget up to 1/3 the entire right side of the screen (top to bottom) and the only way to fix it is to disable and re-enable the "Desktop Widgets" button. What am I missing?

(2) I can't install the 1.1.8 deb release candidate file I downloaded from the development section. I get an error stating that attempting to install 1.1.8 over 1.1.7 will break the existing package.  Is this a bug? Can 1.1.8 be installed over 1.1.7 in 64 bit 11.10?

(3) When I set gmusicbrowser to "ALSA" and "hw:0,1" in advanced settings, I get a gstreamer error on track changes between albums (mostly) involving 24/96 FLAC files. Playback stops and when I hit play it resumes. I need this setting to by-pass the pulse audio and themixer in order to get bit perfect output to my external DAC. This gstreamer issue didn't happen when I was using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with the same setting. Any ideas why this could be happening?

I've attached a screenshot of the error message that pops up.