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I've modifed this message to display %A: the albumartist instead of artist

diff --git a/ b/
index 96fd21e..44d338d 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -256,7 +256,7 @@ our %Widgets=
        Title_by =>
        {       class   => 'Layout::Label',
                parent  => 'Title',
-               markup  => ::__x(_"{song} by {artist}",song => "<b><big>%S</big></b>%V", artist => "<b>%a</b>"),
+               markup  => ::__x(_"{song} by {artist}",song => "<b><big>%S</big></b>%V", artist => "<b>%A</b>"),
        Artist =>
        {       class   => 'Layout::Label',

And I remember seeing it worked before but it isn't working right now.

I must be confused or missing something because even after triying to bisect and checking out the first commit known to work, I cannot see the "by <albumartist>" string appended to the title

What I am seeing:


What I expect to see:

<title> by <albumartist>
Thank you Quentin.

I have the same problem with the Auto-fill Patern window even at 1280x1024

btw, I tried your souggestion of using Alt-click. It doesn't work here. I am using an english keyboard with dead keys.
Questions / Re: ReplayGain
March 28, 2013, 05:54:10
You may change the pre-amp value to whatever you whish. I think the default is +6db to compensate for replaygain turning down the intensity most of the time (when using the default target level of 89db). But I set pre-amp = 0 and turn the knob if needed.

Also have a look at the man pages of metaflac, vorbisgain and mp3gain.

For mp3 files I found this extremely useful perl script from Hydrogenaudio:

Then If you want to apply it recursively in a directory hierarchy you may use this bash script:

OLDIFS=$IFS;IFS=$(echo -en "\n\b");for dir in $(find . -type d)
    echo "$dir"
    mp3gain-noclip $dir/*.mp3

Similarly for flac I adapted
I am trying gnome 3 and one of the problems I found is that I cannot reach the bottom dialog boxes and buttons in the Song Properties window. Is there any layout setting I can change? It seems that a vertical scroll-bar is neded.
Why do you think that? Why is this a "problem" and, what do you undestand by "presented"? gmb already offers the same form when you edit properties, and the library goes through a great deal to show you a uniform view of tags.
So I made a mistake in assigning type "Common number" to Composition_year? It should be "integer"?

Earlier, I made an errata. Where it says 
QuoteC sharp is not the same as B flat
it should read
QuoteC sharp is not the same as D flat
sorry  ::) I've already amended it.
Thank you Quentin. Will I be able to save custom fields to files? I plan to add more, like Key (tonality), Mode (aeolian, major, maqam rast, octatonic, etc. ), Meter, Foot (binary, ternary)... perhaps would be easier if I add them as standard fields, it could even be the only way if I want to store this kind of information. In the case of Key for example, a single enum-like range from 0 to 11 that maps to key names (C natural to B natural)  wouldn't suffice because C sharp is not the same as D flat (altough it woul be nice to be able to filter including enharmonic keys). Two values are required instead to store tonality unambiguosly.
Suggestions / Date of composition, filter and store
February 27, 2013, 18:46:54
Here's my itch:

Very often I need to filter the db by year of composition. I created a field Composition_year with "Field name"="Year of composition" and "Field Type"="common number". I can filter the db successfuly if I use the filter dialog box and create a new custom filter but still, I am having trouble to write the filter in the quick search dialog box widget thingy (dont know it's name, I mean the text entry box with the magnifying glass, is it called SimpleSearch?). After setting a play filter with for example, "Year of composition > 1950", updating the colection filter (Playing->Use the playing filter), and clikcing in 'Recent Filters' it shows "Year of composition > 1950" and updates the filter accordingly but if I type that string in the aforementioned SimpleSearch widget the filter shows no songs. I've also tried typing "Composition_year > 1950", "Year_of_composition > 1950", and variations on "Composition_year:>:1950\x1d" (that was the string in my gmbrc) I still cannot make it work.

That would be sufficient to be able to filter my db but I'd like to also store the month and day of composition in the cases  when they are known. I am thinking of two fields, Composition_date_start and Composition_date_end. A date field type could be really handy here. Those fields should also accept being filled with only the year or year and month when the month and day are unknown. Perhaps filling the unknown parts with zeros or whaterver way is better suited to work with the date representation perl libraries use.
Suggestions / New source for classical music lyrics
February 27, 2013, 16:46:43 seems to be the most comprehensive archive of classical lyrics. Is there any chance to include it in the lyrics plugin? I've already emailed the site admin for permission but she didn't reply yet. I've also suggested her this would be much easier to implement if the website could accept urls of the form, say like:

(with %s being actually the string submitted for the query)

or similar (for example .../?author=Schubert&title=Der%20Leiermann&results=1), in order to retrieve *only* the full song text in the original language (including line breaks and possibly italics, bold, etc). This would mean also less data to transfer hence, less server load.

Even if she doesn't change the url format, is it possible to use that lyrics source as it is now with the lyrics plugin?
Suggestions / Re: New play order: Random Grouping
January 11, 2013, 21:24:17
Thanks laite:

How it differs from albumrandom3 which also has a dir in your repo?
Suggestions / New play order: Random Grouping
January 25, 2012, 20:12:47
I'd like to use weighted random mode (last played and play count) with complete works rather than single tracks.

By complete works i mean for example, a set of pieces  consisting of various movements which could span an entire disc, or less, or more than one disc.

If this isn't possible, perhaps just a 'Random Grouping' order (akin to 'Random Album') could suit my need.
Questions / write labels to files
January 18, 2012, 15:27:52
I'd like GMB to be able to write labels to files.

If I change line 787 in from:

flags => 'fgaescil',


flags => 'fgarwescil',

would it be necessary and sufficient?

When dealing with ogg, will labels be written as custom fields?

When dealing with mp3, will labels be written inside a comment?
Êtes-vous en utilisant GMB à l'intérieur d'une session screen? Cela se répercute sur votre environnement. Je ne pouvais pas trouver un moyen de lancer le plugin à l'intérieur de screen.

Pardonnez mon français.
I've been mulling over this but I am still confused. It seems that In my previous post I assumed that tags would be written to files and forgot that they could also be written to the database. If we (some of us?) are thinking about implementing future musicbrainz support, then perhaps it would be better to first be able to easily copy, mirror, and remove tags to and from the database and tags in music files.

Quote from: Quentin Sculo on January 13, 2011, 20:28:29
for "language=italian", "voices=5", "date_of_composition=1952-xx-xx", it would be best to use dedicated fields.


Quote from: Quentin Sculo on January 13, 2011, 20:28:29
This can be a custom field or an optional standard field that I could add.
(custom field names must begin with a uppercase btw)
note that not all fields can be saved in the file tag, currently only custom fields of the type "rating" can be saved (using the recent FMPS standard)

Besides what you've just mentioned here and below, what is the difference between standard and custom fields? Are standard fields hardcoded (sorry abot the term, I'm not a developer) unlike custom fields? Is there any penalty or overhead when using custom fields?

Quote from: Quentin Sculo on January 13, 2011, 20:28:29
- for "language=italian" you could use either a custom field of type "common string", or a field of the same type as genres or labels if you want to allow more than one language in a song, (the genre/label type is called "flags" in custom fields, though I'm not sure it is a good name).
I'll probably add this one as an optional standard field at some point
- for "voices=5" a custom rating field would be good, they are currently limited to values 0-100, with a default value that is still shared with the rating field. I plan to allow configuring custom stars pictures for a custom rating field, currently it uses the same.
- for "date_of_composition=1952-xx-xx", there is no date type yet for custom fields :( you can use a "common string" or "string" type in the meantime though I'm not sure if it will be convertible to a date type once I add one. Also "string" type will use more memory than a proper "date" type.

For the others, using the genre or label field should be fine, you can also create one or more custom fields of the type "flags". Currently only the genre field is saved in the file tag.

I don't know what folksonomy/Musicbrainz standards are, feel free to educate me :) the pages I found with quick search on are not very clear.

This is a list of some tags that Picard can write

Table of mapping between Picard internal tag names and various tagging formats.

This is a search in musibrainz-devel

Searching for "folksonomy" in the forums yelds interesting discussions too.

Quote from: Quentin Sculo on January 13, 2011, 20:28:29
The custom and optional fields are still new in gmb, some things are still not working with them, like filter edition (I'm working on it), and random modes. But displaying them, sorting, and filtering with SimpleSearch and FilterLists should work fine.

I think I'll post also in the Musicbrainz forums and list, and try to grab attention to this topic in the hope of mutual enlightenment.

Are there any others using GMB and Picard?