Hello all,

is somewhere manual about newest gmusicbrowser?
Which explains everything! Every option, just everything (or almost everything)?

Something similar to Virtual Box manual. :)

Not currently, there would be a lot to explain as there is a lot of options.
The closest thing to a manual currently is : http://gmusicbrowser.org/guide.html and a few pages in the wiki. Though there are mostly not up to date to the 1.1.x version, most things are still valid.

Ahh. OK I would like to slowly go through everything; where should I ask those specific questions?

  • Here?
  • Ubuntu Forums?
  • IRC?
  • or some people related with gmusicbrowser (how to find them)?

I don't have any previous experience with gmusicbrowser. ;)

I get the best info from here at the forums, the wiki or IRC

yes you are welcome to ask questions on IRC or in this forum, as you prefer.