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Questions / How to play all files in a folder/directory just once?
« Last post by chrisisbd on December 01, 2016, 19:36:39 »
I've been using gmusicbrowser for a a while now on my desktop machine and now I'm adding it to my laptop as well.

I have my music arranged in a deep hierarchy where folders at the bottom level correspond to albums, i.e. each folder
at the lowest level just holds the tracks making up one album.  My standard way of listening to music is to use the folder
view in gmusicbrowser, right click on the folder/album I want to listen to and select 'Play'.

The one problem is that play continues for ever repeating round and round the tracks of the album, I want it to stop after
playing the last track.  Is there any way to make gmusicbrowser do this?  It's particularly annoying with orchestral music
because starting again after the final notes is very distracting! :-)

I try with activing/un-activing several options in plugin settings.

Now it works with those changes :
. un-check corrections
. set every tracks playcount separately

Nice for me.

If you need tests, I'm your man.

Hi Laite,

I have problem with the plugin : it crashes GMB.

Without connexion, all rocks, with a connexion, after 30s, GMB crashes.
I try with plugin off and all is ok.

The crash occurs when the plugin is on and pc conneected after 30s.
May be when the playcount is changed ?

How could we do to make it rules again ?
I NEED the lastfm playcount update :p
Questions / Edit labels
« Last post by rhythmbox on October 01, 2016, 01:43:00 »
How can I rename / delete existing labels?
I've searched everywhere but found nothing.
French / Re : browser bloqué !
« Last post by ReVeNaNt on September 29, 2016, 12:04:26 »

Je ne vois pas la pièce jointe aussi l'aide est difficile.

Il faut retrouver le menu Apparence/Disposition.
Configuration, puis Onglet "Apparence de la fenêtre"

Sinon, réinstaller supprimer le dossier .config/gmusicbrowser dans le home et le relancer. (Attention, tous les paramètres seront supprimés.)
French / Re : renommer en masse nom de fichier par titre
« Last post by ReVeNaNt on September 29, 2016, 12:00:53 »

Il faut importer les fichiers dans la bibliothèque, tous les sélectionner (Ctrl + A) clique droit sur l'un d'eux, sélectionner "Renommage de Masse" et choisir vos options.
French / Avance rapide et déplacement dans un morceau gmusicbrowser
« Last post by ReVeNaNt on September 29, 2016, 11:58:44 »

Afin de naviguer dans un morceau avec gmusicbrowser j'utilise le greffon mplayer.

Il suffit de le sélectionner en allant dans Préférence, onglet Audio, puis de sélectionner mplayer.

Bien entendu, il faudra installer toute la partie greffon de mplayer pour que gmusicbrowser puisse l'utiliser.
Le plus simplement :

Code: [Select]
apt-get install mplayer


PS : Bien que le sujet soit ancien, j'ai connu ce problème et l'ai résolu, et étant donné que l'ami google tombe en recherche direct sur ce forum, je propose cette solution à toutes fins utiles.
Suggestions / Re: Save rating into a file.
« Last post by IlVerZ on September 11, 2016, 18:27:26 »
Really nice this feature!

Actually I'm trying to implement within RockBox.
Questions / Re: Persistent Queue
« Last post by olskool on September 01, 2016, 06:53:06 »
First of all thanks for a great music manager in Linux!!! it's one of the few things missing in Linux that was keeping me from dumping that other OS.

I too would like to have a "Persistent Queue." As jenningsthecat said after a "jam session" you never know what you might wanna do with that play list... save replay or what. please add that feature.
Hi all. Long time no post. Been off linux for a few years (due to games etc...) but now returning.

One large hurdle for me is a musicplayer layout which is useful to me. Nothing comes as close as GmusicBrowser, and that's still pretty far from what i'm very comfortable with in MusicBee, as seen here:
I'm looking to get a layout as close as possible to that, if not exactly.
I know i could run MB via wine, but that seems to defeat the point of switching back to linux. Why bother if i'm just going to run apps through wine?

Help appreciated. It's odd, i know, but this is the last major hurdle to a return to linux for me.
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