I just add ochosi PPA to get newest gmb version but I have a bug : when I click on some dynamic filter created with an older version (1.1.9 in Ubuntu 12.04), "added today" for instance, GMB closes immediatly. Same problem when I clic in some item in other filter (artists, etc.) but not each time : for some artist, clic is allowed, for other clic close GMB.

In terminal mode, this message : "Not an ARRAY reference at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/gmusicbrowser_list.pm line 5017."

An idea ?

I'm not sure I'm looking at the right version, can you send me your file /usr/share/gmusicbrowser/gmusicbrowser_list.pm ?

In your mailbox.

line 5017 is :

            my $free_height= $vsize - ($layout->get_pixel_extents)->[1]{height};

May be it's a layout problem : no bug occur with Parking5 or Shimmer Desktop.
Only with Parking6 (I sent you this layout and I join my gmbrc too).

J'ai du réinstaller Ubuntu (pour d'autres raisons). Si tu trouves le problème et le règle, je repasserai au PPA, sinon j'en reste à la version des dépôts qui fonctionne bien. Il n'y a donc pas urgence, mais si tu trouves le problème et sa solution, fais-moi signe.

Désolé pour le français sur ce fil en anglais.

Ok, I fixed it in my git, it was in fact coming from the album tab/panel when displaying albums with no cover. To avoid this bug if you don't have the fix, simply change the text mode option of albums to "below" or "right-side".
thanks for reporting it

OK thx. I will probably give a try to the next version when it comes in ppa (with the new git version).

I just uploaded a new version (reflecting the latest changes to git master) to the PPA, should be built soon.