I like gmb but today I noticed that I can't add folders (as opposed to automatically scanned folders).

My version of gmb is 1.1.9 on xubuntu 12.04;

I tried 'Add files or folders' in the main menu.

gmd lets me add files (all selected files within a folder), but nothing happens if a containing folder is selected.

This problem occurs in 2 user profiles on the same machine.
Do you have an idea what might be wrong ?

It is probably a bug I fixed some time ago, selecting only one folder didn't work but selecting more than one worked. I fixed it in git : http://git.gmusicbrowser.org/commit/901647d67c
Sadly, I haven't released a new version for some time, ochosi's ppa may contain the fix.

sorry for the late response, but yes, my ppa should contain the fix.