Hi at all.
I'm a new user of GmusicBrowser and I found this software absolutely great because it has all the features that a music collector needs.
I've read in an old post that the author don't hold necessary to implement a system to catalog CD's due to the cheaper prices of Hard Disks.
I've more than 200 original CDs plus over 3000 mp3 stored that I need to catalog but I don't intend to transfer them on a hard disk not to lose them in case of hard disk failure. Moreover I don't want to convert in Mp3 my original cd's.
But cannot the author reconsider his conviction in future?
Just a last note: I believe that this great software should offer the possibility to export the catalog in csv or xls or ods file.

Sorry, I don't plan to.
200 CDs isn't that much, it takes some time to rip, but it's mostly about changing the cd when the tray opens. The hard disk space required is not that much compared to today's hard disks (I ripped my ~100 cds in 1999, back then I had to buy a recent hard disk just for that, and the ripping process was much slower)
Transferring them to a hard disk doesn't mean you have to get rid of the cds, they make nice backups, and about converting them to mp3, you can also rip them to a lossless format like flac, then there is no difference between the sound of the cd and the flac file. Though they do take up more space.

About exporting the data, the included export plugin has an option to export selected song's data to csv

I thank you for the answer.
However, I have found a method in order to catalogue my mp3 collection: I copy the MP3 in HD folders renamed VOL 001, VOL 002.... VOL 300 etc. I catalog them with gmusicbrowser and then I delete them from the HD. In this way memorizing them in the catalog I succeed in also knowing the cd on which a specific song is. On the idea that the actual CD archivo is a nice backup it's just so.
Finally, I had not acknowledged the possibility to export the catalog in a file csv. Thanks again for your great software.
Best regards.