I'm working on a new layout and I find a bug.

I have a NBwidget with classic default tab (lyrics, queue) and a tab which is a VBWidget with Songlist and other features :

NBRight = \
      VBSongStatus \
      HBLyrics \
      QueueList(songtree=1,tabtitle=_"Queue (%n)",tabicon="",cols="queuenumber titleaa",colwidth="queuenumber 20 titleaa 248",showbb=1)
        VBSongStatus = (tabtitle=_"Library") HBSearchbis _VBMosaicSongList
     HBSearchbis   = _SimpleSearch2(suggest=1)  #hidden by default
     VBMosaicSongList = VPMosaic _HBSongListtree
     VPMosaic = _FilterPane3(nb=4,hidebb=1,pages=album,page_album/mode=mosaic,page_album/mmarkup=1,page_album/mpicsize=96,hidetabs=1)  #hidable
       HBSongListtree   =  \
      _SongTree(cols="playandqueueandtrack title length playcount genre ratingpic",colwidth="artist 124 lastplay 107 length 49 playandqueue 19 playandqueueandtrack 20 playcount 22 ratingpic 100 title 344 titleaa 397 track 21",grouping="album|artistalbum_breadcrumbs(picsize=100)|disc|discleft(width=15)",follow=1,sort="year album disc track") \
      _HBSongPlaylist \ #hidden by default
      _HBMosaic #hidden by default
         HBMosaic = _FilterPane2(nb=4,hidebb=1,pages=album,page_album/mode=mosaic,page_album/mmarkup=1,page_album/mpicsize=72,hidetabs=1)
         HBSongPlaylist = _SongList(cols="playandqueueandtrack title artist album year length playcount",sort=artist,colwidth="album 200 artist 200 file 400 lastplay 100 length 41 path 413 playandqueueandtrack 24 playcount 96 rating 80 title 270 track 21 year 31",follow=1,sort="year album disc track")
     HBTotal =  _HBToggle HBStatutSongList
       HBToggle = \
      ToggleButton31(relief=none,size=menu,icon=gmb-album,widget=VPMosaic,tip=_"Albums") \
      VSeparator31 \
      ToggleButton32(relief=none,size=menu,icon=gmb-view-list,widget=HBSongPlaylist,togglegroup=7,tip=_"Simple List View") \
      ToggleButton33(relief=none,size=menu,icon=gmb-view-tree,widget=SongTree,togglegroup=7,tip=_"Songtree View") \
      ToggleButton34(relief=none,size=menu,icon=gmb-view-mosaic,widget=HBMosaic,togglegroup=7,tip=_"Mosaic View") \
      VSeparator32 \
      Sort(button=1,size=menu,tip=_"Right-click to toggle shuffle/random") \
      2Filter35(button=1,size=menu,tip=_"Right-click to remove filters")
       HBStatutSongList = -Total2(size=small)
       HBLyrics = (tabtitle=_"Lyrics") _PluginLyrics

Now the bug : I choose NBWidget because you can add others tabs : artistinfo, etc.
When I add a new tab all the hidden widget in VBSongStatus became showed !

Try with the joigned layout (in garage category)

thanks, I fixed it in git : http://git.gmusicbrowser.org/commit/0d4f372a47
It just removes a show_all I don't think it was needed, but let me know if you see a tab/page that is not drawn

OK, waiting for the ppa update   ;)

i'll upload a new version one of these days. in fact i wanted to wait for this to be resolved in git first.

Ochosi, there is a small pb in pix faenza name in ppa : gmb-view-list, gmb-view-tree and gmb-view-mosaic are named list, tree and mosaic so there aren't loaded with the faenza theme

#6 November 27, 2011, 15:21:18 Last Edit: November 27, 2011, 15:25:50 by ochosi
thanks mgrubert, will fix that straight away.

ps: fixed in shimmer-git.