April 11, 2010, 00:16:35 Last Edit: April 11, 2010, 00:24:12 by die_welt
Aqualung is a great player, working with jackd and without and has got gapless playbacks. It is even possible to run effects like a compressor .... ; and it is remote controllable via CLI.
cueing: http://aqualung.factorial.hu/manual/aqualung-doc.html#id81916
file handler: http://aqualung.factorial.hu/manual/aqualung-doc.html#id82110

may an input and a connection to that great player ... (but not so great browser ;) - and never as great as gmusicbrowser anyhow)

but the visuals are canceled with that ;) - read more there

Controlling a graphical msic player with another graphical music player seems a bit strange and cumbersome.

gstreamer can do a lot of things (including gapless, though gmb currently has stability issues with it), so I'm not sure what aqualung would bring.
gstreamer has a lot of plugins (http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/documentation/plugins.html), if you see one that looks interesting, I might be convinced to add a way to use it in gmb.

To be able to use an external program to play music, gmb needs to be able to get progress information (position in the song) and be able to detect the end of the song (process ends or some other way)
I haven't looked at aqualung much, but I doubt it can give you progress information in an efficient way.