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from your main page:
support ogg vorbis, mp3 and flac files (and mpc/ape/m4a with gstreamer or mplayer)

I'm trying to read some .mpc files (with gstreamer) but it fails:

Errore di riproduzione : Impossibile decodificare lo stream. at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/gmusicbrowser_gstreamer-0.10.pm line 137.

Nedd some extra tool?

Bye'n thanks

This should be all you need..

sudo apt-get install libmpcdec6

I also include ffmpeg and gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad

I run VSIDO (Debian based) so your packages or install may be different

Seems there is a reported bug also:

Fails to decode mpc with libmpcdec6

libmpcdec6, gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg
already installed, but it fails again.

Something else? I'm on Linux Mint Qiana, amd64, gmb 1.1.12


totem (Video) reads them...
Soundconverter fails...


It seems to be a ubuntu problem, playing mpc and alac(lossess m4a) files with gstreamer-0.10 doesn't work in 14.04
The only way around this problem that I know of currently is to install a ppa mentioned in http://askubuntu.com/questions/432542/is-ffmpeg-missing-from-the-official-repositories-in-14-04

Another work-around is using the mplayer output instead of gstreamer.

I don't know if it is going to be fixed in ubuntu in the future.
I guess in the worst case it will be fixed when I replace gstreamer-0.10 by gstreamer-1.0 in gmb (which has become a relatively high priority).

mplayer installed and loaded.
Everything seems fine  :)


It absolutely helped, Quentin, many thanks !  :)