Would be great to have perhaps an option for albums that have no artwork to set a generic .jpg or .png file rather than have a black white space when viewing albums by cover.

You can do that from within the layout by specifying a no_art,png/jpg of your choice

Like VastOne said, you can specify a default picture in the layout for the Cover and ArtistPicture widget with the "default=" option.

Though you might be talking about the album tab, then that feature is not yet implemented but definitely planned.

Maybe I'm not asking the right question, so maybe if I include an image example that will help. Bellow is my gmusicbrowser with two missing covers. I would like an option to load a generic image instead of no artwork. Or is this in the software already? Sorry for such a newb question. I'm currently using version 1.1.9 (Debian stable) but happy to run current version if it gives this option? I had a look on another pc but could not work it out.

Thank you kindly for your product.