Is anyone noticing display problems running Ubuntu 22.04 with Wayland? After upgrading from 20.04 using X-server, 22.04 using Wayland prevents me from using the "Screenlet" widget or any other widget on GMB Wayland is the default compositor for Intel and AMD video on 22.04.

The specific issue: when I activate a GMB widget, I can't move it or resize it at all. It remains locked to an arbitrary position on the monitor and refuses all settings to move in the X and Y coordinates or to change size or fonts. I'm running on an Intel NUC "Skull Canyon" mini pc, so the video is fixed to "Intel". Rebooting to the X-Server version of 22.04 corrects the problem.

GMB hasn't been updated since 2020 so I don't know if the issue is primarily due to Wayland compositor or GMB being out of spec for 22.04. I'm also noticing similar problems with "Cairo-Dock" and a few other applications which worked fine under Ubuntu 20.04 but not 22.04. 

I haven't tried wayland yet, but it's quite possible that it requires changes for some things.
A *very* quick search turned up this: which seems to indicate that wayland doesn't want to let apps position its windows? I guess it will requires some searching to fix, if it's even possible.

Thanks for the answer. I certainly hope you can fix it since it seems X-Server's days are numbered and Wayland seems to be the future.