Hello everybody, I have just registered  :)

I checked both FAQ and Wiki, but I have not found an answer to my question.
Is it possible to configure gmusicbrowser so all music playback is sent to a different music player?
I would like to use gmusicbrowser as library management and the other program as player because I do on-the-fly upsampling and DRC with it.


What player do you have in mind? GMB supports playback through mplayer. Not sure about DRC, but it can upsample.

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I have HQPlayer that handles PCM/DSD upsampling, multichannel, DRC...at a cost

If GMB supports only mplayer, it's no good.
Ideally, I would like a library manager where you can type in the ext. player you can send the music to.
Do you please have any suggestion by any chance?!

HQPlayer is closed source and does not appear to have a command-line interface, which makes external management pretty much impossible, as far as I can tell - it would be up to the developers of HQPlayer to implement such feature.