Thank you very much for a great music player with library. It works great.
I have a rather large music library all organized by files and folders. I have no problem finding all of the music and playing them in your player. The slightly cumbersome aspect that I find happens when I am playing some music from many sub-folder levels deep, then close gmusicbrowser, then reopen it the next day only to have to go all the way through the sub-folders to find the album again. I was wondering if it would be possible to simply save the previous state of where that last played song was in the folder and open to that spot in the folder tree upon running gmusicbrowser the next time?


sure, go to Settings->Misc.
check "remember last filter/playlist between sessions"
check "remember playing song between sessions"

Thanks for the thought, but I've had those checked for a very long time now. They only retain the last played songs in the playlist and the other list (I don't know what its officially called). It does not retain the folder location in the "Library".  And thats what I would like to retain too.