I'm a bit curious about other people's layouts, so now is your change to boast  ;D

My full-screen layout has been more or less like this for quite a while, and I'm pretty happy about it.

[laite alternative]
Author = "laite"
Name = _"laite alt/"
Default = Window(size=100%x100%)
VolumeScroll = HBControls
VBfirst = 5Filler5 _HPtop
HPtop = VBall NBrit
VBall = VBControls _NBleft
VBControls = HBStatus HBProgress HBControls
HBStatus = 4Filler1 _HBTitle(xalign=.5, yalign=1) -lastfmLoveButton(button=1) -Stars(yalign=0.5)
HBTitle = _Title_by(expand_max=300,ellipsize=end,markup="<b>%t</b> by <b>%a</b> in <i>%l</i> (%y)",tip=_"Title: %t (Track No. %n)",yalign=0.5)
HBControls = Prev Play Next 10Filler7 Vol(button=1) -SimpleSearch(nb=1,group=1) -Filter(button=1) -Sort(button=1) -Sunshine(button=1) \
-Button3(click1="RunPerlCode(::IdleScan)",size=menu,stock=gtk-zoom-in,tip=_"Scan now") -Pref(size=menu) -Queue(button=1)
NBleft = HistoryStats(group=1) VPfilters
NBrit = (tabpos=right270) SongTree1(headclick='select',group=1) SongTree2(group=8)
VPfilters = (tabtitle=_"Filters") _FPane1(nb=2,group=1) VPfilters2
VPfilters2 = HPfilter1 _VPfilters3
VPfilters3 = _FPane4(nb=5,group=1) HBfiltbottom
HBfiltbottom = Total(group=1,relief=none)
HPfilter1 = FPane2(nb=3,group=1) FPane3(nb=4,group=1)
HBProgress = Time(markup=%s,initsize="-XX:XX") _Scale LabelTime(markup='%m ')