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I understand that : it's possible to make a tab-panel to be closed to a classical panel with tab (NBSidebar =  FilterPane1  FilterPane2) but when you do that the GMB user won't be able to add or discard classical tab (Artist, Year, etc.) because those tabs aren't classical panel tab (chose "show tab" will add a new level tab, not great).
I find the parameter to show a classical tab (hidetabs= 0) but I don't know how to show multiples _classical_ tabs.
And I want to let the GMB user the possibility of adding (or discarding) his favorites tabs.
Do you know how to show multiples classical tabs without use NB ?

Equivalent in gmbrc :
     hidebb: 1
     hidetabs: 0
     min: 1
     page: filter
       depth: 1
       lmarkup: 0|0
       lpicsize: 0|16
       sort: default|default
       type: artist|album
       depth: 1
       lmarkup: 0|0
       lpicsize: 0|16
       sort: default|default
       type: genre|artist
       cloud_max: 30
       cloud_min: 10
       mode: cloud
     pages: filter|list|artist|year|folder|genre

I do unfortunately not know what you mean.

Layout updated with Genre pannel in the middle (hide-able) and Info about genre in the "Now playing zone"

Quote from: aboettger on March 16, 2011, 15:49:21
I do unfortunately not know what you mean.

OK, I will try to explain better.
Load Exaile-layout.
You see on the left some tabs : Collection, Playlist, File.
Those tabs are created by the layout, and the user can only add some kind of new tabs (disposition, context, but not artist-tab, year-tab, genre-tab, etc.). I name them "layout-tabs"

But now, right clic where you want in this panel and choose "Show tabs".
Now you can see a second level tab created by the default options of GMB (artist-tab, year-tab, etc.). I name them "default-tabs"

In my garage-layout, I want on the left panel the default-tabs, because it is the browser panel and the user can add the tab he wants and those tabs are more usefull for browsing than layout-tab he could add.

My problem : I know how to show one default-tab (in my layout, Playlists-tab), but I don't know how to show more than one default-tab.

The solution : Use layout-tabs (with NBpanel) is not really a solution because the layout-tab addable aren't goob enough for a browser panel.

Do you understand ?