Discogs.com just updated their API, and they no longer require an API key. I tried to add support for discogs.com earlier, but somehow the site didn't accept the request from gmb. However, with this commit from Quentin, it does. To celebrate this, I added support for discogs.com in the Picture Finder plugin. The file is attached.

looks great! i'll wait for quentin to pick it up and if not it'll appear in the shimmer-fork if you're ok with it ;)

Thanks, I'll commit it, just tell me which name and email I should put it the commit

This is a fantastic addition to the search for quality album art..

Discog always seems to have just what I am looking for or need

I really appreciate this - Thank you!


Commit it if you think it's good enough (I'm not an expert in perl regexes). Name is Øystein Tråsdahl and mail is trasdahl(at)gmail.com. (I don't care if my name is in the commit, though.)

Perhaps you noticed that the "More results" feature doesn't work with the discogs parser. That is because the search url is not in the results page. It could be easily fixed if the url was passed along from the calling functions (or saved in $self->{url}), but I didn't want to meddle with the rest of the code.