can we include more options for adding songs in weighted random like length of song or so..
although i can have a workaround by creating labels for very long tracks but still would be help if it was included by default.
actually some of tracks in my library are very long like say 35 mins  and they keep popping up in auto fill queue if i chose that genre for weighted random and  i want to listen the genre minus the long tracks.
please suggest
dr subodh

maybe what you want to use is a filter, but yes I thought about adding a rule for the song's length, though I'm not sure what kind of rule :
- all or nothing like genres and labels : one weight if over a threshold, another weight is under, it will be possible when using a filter for a random rule.
- use a function to map the song's length to a weight, like the last_played rule, I'm not sure what kind of function would be most appropriate.
btw, someone on irc asked me about a rule to diminish the probability of songs from artists that have a lot of songs in the library, suggestion for an appropriate function are welcome. For example, the last_played rule use a half life function, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exponential_decay for plot examples.

previously what i presumed was that the weighted random selects its songs from the whole library while it actually does it from the current filter.
so it is actually easy to make a filter of genre pop OR rock and then apply weighted random to choose newer and higher rated songs
I got your point, thanks for the help.
you are a really dedicated developer. and the newer version of GMB is well worth of being the default for Ubuntu.
i would still like to have some rules added like artist name or a few more. for example if i want to listen to rock,all artists, but more songs from say, Mr x, i can make a filter for rock but still can't make a weighted random preferring 50% songs from mr X and 50% from rest of them.
although a workaround will be to apply a custom label to all songs from Mr X and use it in weighted random, but easier would be to have a rule for artist. and similarly for may be a few other fields.
pls help
dr subodh