just wanted to say that at some point svg-logos for gmusicbrowser would be great.
docks and window-switchers use pretty high-resolution images nowadays and vector would be good anyways for editing...
do you have any svg version of the current icon? (i don't assume you want a new logo)

Well, since it's already on the table, I really dislike the current logo. Nothing that would make me think less of gmb, but if squentin has no particular attachment to that logo, I think it would be nice to think of alternatives.

But maybe it's just me.

The current icon comes from a mix of 2 old gnome icons, so I don't have a higher resolution :(
(the 2 icons I used can be seen on this page : http://jimmac.musichall.cz/i.php?i=MIME)
A higher resolution version of it would be very nice if someone could do it.

I rather like the current one, maybe a little too dark, though I don't like icons with too bright colors. Compare the original gnome 2 icons to the tango icons on this page : http://jimmac.musichall.cz/icons.php, I don't like the colors of most of the tango ones, and I love the original gnome 2 icons.

There is also the icon from Piotr on this page : http://gmusicbrowser.org/contrib.html, though I myself prefer the original.

just stumbled upon this blog post by the same guy who created the two base icons for gmb, and it seems pretty promising for a trayicon in my opinion:

might be some time until this is really really implemented, but it seems the gnome-guys are heading for this.

not sure whether gmb's logo can be "pixel perfect at 16px", as it doesn't have "as little detail as possible". on the next level the monochrome part would also be a problem i guess.
would be great if gmusicbrowser would follow these design outlines imho. but i guess that would require a logo redesign and as discussed today on #irc it's not extremely likely to happen.

let me add that i really like it if "the icons don't scream with color and don't become Times Square when few of them stay persistent on your panel". :) really nice quote

Symbolic icons are interesting, I'll add support for it.
As for using such an icon as the default trayicon, we'll see how it evolves. Trayicons are displayed next to other trayicons from other apps, so a mix of monochrome and color trayicons looks rather bad.

The problem I see with the current logo is that at small sizes it gets unrecognizable, it becomes a cloud of dark pixels. The current icon is good at medium/big icon sizes, but a small version enhanced for small icon sizes would be more suitable for the tray, IMHO.

Concerning the tray icon: Is there any chance that this bug get fixed for gmb: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/banshee/+bug/403135 ?

Thanks, works great with the newest git version. Hope, it won't make too much problems on Xfce or KDE.  :)